Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Day 29

I just LOVE music.  I love singing it, playing it, listening to it, my kids singing it, my kids attempting to play it!  You name it, I just love music!  So thankful for the many ways to share it. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful Day 28

Spike's Teacher! 
She's an AMAZING teacher!  He's really blossoming this year! 
Today was "Career Day"!  Spike talked all about it.  Of course, Daddy went in to share what he does!  The kids always love when daddy goes in, I think they get tired of seeing me there!
Anyway, "Teacher" is so great with Spike.  She's done so many things that have been an interest to him.  He's beginning to take to reading!  (We have a LONG way to go, but he's definitely making steps in the right direction.)  I know he gives her a run for her money, but she continues to encourage him and really strives to find the best in each student.  I've enjoyed working with her as a fellow teacher and now as a parent! 
So very thankful for her!  Hope she sticks around another 2 years so she can have Slick!
Here's Daddy and Spike after daddy was done sharing!  Spike's so proud to have him!  What a special day, thanks to Teacher!

Thankful Day 27

This kid is an amazing boy!  He has the most contagious smile!  LOVE it!  Here he is at "Career Day".  As of right now, he wants to be a construction worker.  If he can't do that then his second choice is a farmer! 
I wish I would have taken a picture of the way he had his clothes laid out.  It was as if he were lying on the ground.  When he asked me if I noticed that they were out and ready to go, of course I said, "Yes!", he said, "Did you notice my socks, they are in my pants!"  What a kid, he had even put his socks inside he ankle of his pant legs!  He just thinks EVERYTHING through! 
Love his energy, ok well MOST of the time!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Catching up!

Things I'm thankful for...
Day 13- My teaching job!  LOVE the kids!
Day 14-The Truth Trackers leader!  They do a GREAT job with the kids!
Day 15-Grocery shopping alone!  So thankful my hubby makes sure this happens often!
Day 16-FCA!  I love that the boys are going to the same school I did!
Day 17-A Saturday with no plans!  Very few and far between!
Day 18-STAGES!  What is that, you ask?  The ladies group at church!
Day 19-Spike learning to play the piano!  Music to a mommy's ears! (no pun intended!)
Day 20-Spike's 2nd grade class! LOVE being their room mom!
Day 21-These three!

Day 22-Thanksgiving Day PARADE!  One of my most favorite things all year!
Day 23-A day with my family!  Had fun Black Friday shopping together!
Day 24-My nieces and nephews!  ALL 12 of them
Day 25-My pellet stove!
Day 26-Having the boys home on break! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful Day 12

My chiropractor!
I know some don't like the chiro, but we sure do in our house!  We do not take our visits for granted!

Thankful Day 11

Who doesn't LOVE this face?
Well we spent some quality time together in the middle of the night last night!  Poor guy woke up with an ear ache and could not get comfortable! At 1:45 am, I finally called "Dr Dale" (aka Gramma) at work.  She told me to bring him in and the Dr would take a quick look.  Sure enough, he had an ear infection.  A dose of meds and some EXTRA TLC from Gramma and all her friends, we were back home in bed! Poor guy had been fighting a cold for almost 2 weeks!  Finally settled in his ear!
I'm very sad that he was sick, but I'm oh so thankful for the time in the middle of the night when nothing else was distracting me!  What a sweet time together!
Mommy loves you, buddy!

Thankful Day 10

My house!
Spent the day at home, cleaning and organizing!  As much as I love my house on a "regular" day, I love it even more when it's CLEAN!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Day 9

Slick's Teacher!
I'm so thankful for her for SO many reasons, but one that sticks out to me today is the fact that she is left-handed!  God totally knew I needed this little quality about her!  She is truly a blessing!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Day 8

My Iron!
I LOVE my iron and I LOVE to use it!  (I KNOW I'm gonna get some comments on this one!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful Day 7

 My Husband!
Always good for a laugh (and usually an UGH! too)! 
So very thankful for how God placed him in my life!  LOVE this man (and sometimes, only GOD knows why!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Day 6

Thanks to ALL men and women, but especially my family members (pictured on my wall in my living room) who have and will continue to fight for the freedoms we take for granted!  Every day I look at the pictures and am honored to call them family!  My boys know who each on is and that they served our country so that we can live in freedom today!
We took our boys with us to vote this morning.  Even though all the ads and phone calls get very annoying, they're brought up some issues that we've talked over with our boys!  Many issues we wouldn't just talk about in our everyday conversation!  They're very interested in the President "doing what the BIBLE says!"  I'm so thankful that I have the FREEDOM to vote! 
Thank you ALL who served our GREAT COUNTRY to give us the FREEDOM so many in this world do not have!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Day 5

KIDS!  LOTS OF KIDS!  Mine and everyone else's!
Today, 7 little boys played at my house!  They were not all there at one time, 2 in the morning, 3 for the afternoon, then the others for the evening.  LOVED every minute of this crazy house!  So thankful for the joy they bring me.  I know, so many of you think I'm CRAZY, and you're right!  But it's so true!  One of my favorite songs, "Thank God for Kids"!  So very true!

Thankful Day 4

My Family!  Need I say any more? 

Thankful Day 3

My sisters!
Had breakfast with them (and my mom)!  Always a FUN time! 
Also, spent many hours with them and their families this week hanging out at my parents!  Or should I say, "bumming electric off my parents".  Never a dull moment!  Never to I take for granted the fact that we can all be in the same house at the same time!  Not gonna lie, sometimes it get's crazy! But oh so very thankful for them! 

Thankful Day 2

My Parents!
While hurricane Sandy is still fresh in our minds, I've got to say how THANKFUL I am for my parents!  We ALL (my sisters and I and our families) invaded their lives for 3 days!  They never lost their electricity and were very quick to open their home and EVERYTHING in it to us all for HOT showers, home cooked meals and a warm bed.
That's only as small part of their EVERYDAY selfless giving to us! 
Thanks, Mom and Dad!  We ALL love you guys!
Oh and I can't forget the fact that since we slept there, Spike got to ride to school with Grampa in the TRUCK one day!  I think that was his highlight! 

Thankful day 1

So, I'm a little LATE in posting, what else is new?  Here goes!  My 30 days of Thanks!
Hurricane Sandy brought with her much destruction and also a reminder of how very fortunate I am!  WOW!  More like SPOILED!.
We spent 70 hours without power.  NOTHING compared to others and the devastation they are dealing with!
Long story short, this gal is very THANKFUL for ELECTRICITY in her home!