Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day-Day 3 and the BEACH!!!!!

Before we headed to the beach for a quick over-night stay, we HAD to leave daddy his surprise! Spike thought we'd leave it on his pillow to find when he got home! That's just what we did. He got a gift card for Dunkin Donuts with a card that said, "Love you A LATTE!" (so go and enjoy one on us!)
Headed to the beach and found this view right outside our window! Does it get any better then this? Our vote, "NOPE!" Thanks mom!
Got unloaded and headed to the "sandbox"! The boys took off!
Just got comfy when the rain came! UGH! SO we packed up all 7 kids and headed back!
This is what rain looks like when it hits the sand. I'd never seen it before, never really thought about it actually! It was pretty neat!
Poor Slick, waiting patiently for the rain to end!
We did get to go in the pool for a while! This little fishy did not wear his swimmies the whole time! He's learning so much. He LOVES to be under the water.
Here's Spike waiting patiently to "hit the boards"!
We couldn't let the rain ruin our trip! The boys did great. They adjusted to the change in plans very well. The first day we didn't see the sun at all, but the boys really didn't mind. I'm so thankful they just went with it!
So, to end the day, we just HAD to get some Kohr Brothers! (I've NEVER had it, but everyone else seems to think it's a MUST!) Looks like Slick enjoyed it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Father's Day-Day 2

Today's "gift" was what prompted us celebrating "Father's Day" all week long! Since it rained on Saturday, we ended up at Michael's to do a little "make and take" project. Spike has always enjoyed these events, but especially more now that he's older. He was SO excited about this one. Anything that's FOR daddy or INVOLVES daddy, he's all about!
Can you tell he's excited?
Slick's finished product! (With a little help from mommy!)
Spike's finished product, with NO help from mommy! I'm so proud of him. I think it's PERFECT!
So after we gave them to daddy tonight, we just HAD to take a picture to put in it! At least that's what Spike thought!
And what is a photo shoot with out a funny face picture?
We Love you, Daddy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Sunday and "Happy Father's Day" day 1!

Spike's been wanting to show daddy what he's "learned"! He finally talked him into going swimming. He's so proud of himself. No swimmies is a BIG deal for a 6 yr old! He's so NOT ready to swim the ocean, but he does well in our pool since he can touch when he needs a breather!
Daddy's more fun then mommy! They had a blast playing games!
On another note, today starts our week of celebrating "Father's Day"! I took the boys to Michael's while daddy was at Kohl's. Here they are painting their T-shirt! Spike was NOT into the colors they had to offer! But so be it, right! They decided on a star!
All those little lines, well let's just call this a "shooting star!" Thanks to the very nice girl helping us turn "lemons into lemonade!" This is what happens when you leave a 4 and 6 yr old in control of the decorations, right? Oh well, as with SO MANY things in life, I've got to just let them do it their own way! It makes it that much more special, right?
The finished product! It's special alright!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Henry!

My boys have been wanting to throw a birthday party for Henry (Slick's stuffed dog) for quite a while now. So of course they ask AGAIN today, right after I had CLEANED their room! I'm really working on saying "Yes" a little more often, so today I thought this would be a good "yes"!
So here they are!
And YES, they are ALL their stuffed animals! You can't invite one and not the other, right?
In case any one's interested in the details...
the menu consisted of Reese's Puffs cereal, Fruity Pebbles, pretzels and gummies!
They played three games: A matching game, Little People Bingo and Candy Land Bingo.
And just so you know, it was a DISASTER when they were done. Should have taken a picture of that!
Oh well, they ALL had a great time!
Oh yea and today Henry turned three and tomorrow "she" turns four!

Summer Break Day 4 (aka Mommy's birthday)

Started the day floating (I just love this picture!)
or jumping in the pool, whichever you prefer!
Then it was off to Texas Roadhouse with my mom to "celebrate" my birthday!
Of course we had to have some fooling around by a certain little one!
And the other "little" one learned how to make "fishy faces"! (A very big day, you know!)
Thanks to my boys for "riding" that saddle for me! (By the way, in this picture they were watching the servers as they SHOUTED to the restaurant! The boys expressions are very typical! Slick eating it all up and Slick thinking "You guys are CRAZY drawing all that attention to yourselves! Really?")
Spike DID enjoy the saddle though!
Not a very good picture of us, but US none-the-less!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What we did on Wednesday!

You guessed it, we went strawberry picking! The boys don't eat strawberries, but I do! They did great.

Ok, so maybe one of them didn't do too many strawberries! But he did pick me a flower! Works for me!

Best buds!

It was a HOT one! We met our friends at 10:00 am, and I think my car read about 90 dregrees already!

Summer Break Day 1!

Well, we wasted NO time getting outside! As soon as I could get out of work, we headed straight to the park! It was a HOT one! Spent a little time there then headed home to jump in the pool to cool off! SO thankful that my hubby is willing to take the time to keep up on the pool so the boys and I can use it! So refreshing!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Oh my goodness! I can't believe I failed to mention the fact that I will be an AUNT to number 12 by the time the year is over! WOW! How blessed I am. Just spent the evening with 1/2 of them! LOVE EVERY ONE of them!
So congrats go out to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law! A very Merry Christmas present to me! Just wish they lived close enough to enjoy "it"!