Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coming to an End- Day 6

Yep, I guess that means the end is HERE! Today we headed off to the "first day of school". We had orientation this morning! Counts as a day, but the first OFFICIAL day of FIRST GRADE is Monday! WOW! Here it is!
A little "brotherly love" to celebrate!
All he wanted was a picture with Daddy! Can you tell?
Not sure about the one with Mommy, but ok!
Photography by Slick! Good job, dude!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Coming to an End-Day 5 FAIL!!!!!!!!!

So today, being the last "business day" before school and hurricane Irene, we had some errands to run! I figured we'd finish off at McDonald's with and OUTDOOR playland! Great idea, right?
WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what greeted us!
The boys were very good about it! But I did think we should do something fun! So cookies seemed to do the job!
Oh well, some things are beyond our control! Speaking of, the boys can't wait to be "in a hurricane!" HAHA! They have NO IDEA! Should be interesting!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coming to an End-Day 4 Part 2

So being stuck inside did not do well for my creativity! Had to go "old fashioned"!
Pulled out the bubble bath...
and books! (Reading is something daddy usually does with the boys before bedtime! Tonight since daddy wasn't home, mommy did!)
Then, bedtime together in "brother's" bed on the TOP bunk!!!!!Sweet Dreams! (At least I hope!)

Coming to an End-Day 4

We are stuck inside (going stir-crazy) today! Spike keeps asking, "How many more sleeps, Mom?" Today is 4 sleeps. I guess he's ready! He asked me for two hangers! I had no idea why! Well, I went upstairs to his room and found out why very quickly!
I love the socks and boxers! When I went to take a picture, he said, "Mom, make sure you get my shoes!" HAHA! Too funny! This kid's mind never stops! I love how he's always thinking ahead! He's definitely my "planner"!

Coming to an End-SWAT

Last night was the final night in our SWAT program at church! Due to traveling, holidays and rain, we were only able to make it to a few weeks! Spike didn't seem to mind it since was at least able to make it to that last night, since it was "donut night"!
The theme for this year's program was "Rescue 911"! We weren't there for the fire truck night but we did get to see the ambulance! The best part about this is that my aunt, an EMT, drove the ambulance to church. She opened the back and took the kids through!
Here's a picture of the EMTs with their SWAT t-shirt! Awesome job, thanks!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Coming to an End- Day 3

Peach Picking...
There's a LOT of peaches to be cooked, frozen, canned...
Not really sure what we're going to do. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming to an End-Day 2

Today we made cookies! The boys have been asking since BEFORE we went on vacation! So can't put this off any longer either!
They both rolled their own. They did a great job!
Still going...and still HAPPY! This has to be the longest they've lasted yet! My little boys are growing up!
Ready to go in the oven!
Finished product! (Thanks to Gramma Dale!) They look good enough to eat!
This has to be my favorite one of the day! HAHA! That would be Spike's! So creative!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Coming to an End- Day 1 Part 2!

After dinner tonight we thought we'd try again! To find ducks that is. I asked a few people today and they all told me the same park, so we tried there! We loaded up the boys bikes and headed out. Got there and I ran the track while they rode their bikes. No sign of ducks the whole way around. We got back to the car and we heard a bunch. There was another family that I saw going into down by the banks with a bag of bread. Then we heard the ducks, actually I think they were geese, even LOUDER. We turned to see the family RUNNING away! It was so loud! The family ran to their car and got in. There was nothing we could do since the boys had their bikes. Slick went to hide around the back of a car only to come around the front with 2 little buggers following him. I can't beleive the boys were actually kind of scared! These things were "nasty", according to Slick!
I did get the boys to pose for a picture with their bikes! You can see the flock in the background.
I asked if they wanted to just get our bread out and feed them since they were there! They said "No way! Let's just get in the car! Hurry!" We did. I figured we'd find some up stream!
Sure enough! Two lonely duckies out on a date! They just floated in front of us the whole time! I thought the "nasty" ones would be there sooner or later, but they never came. The boys were very glad about that!
So, at last, we got to feed the ducks! Only gave them each a piece since there were only two!
All-in-all, it was a success, I guess! The only thing is, we've still got bread to get rid of! So, we'll try again tomorrow, maybe!

Coming to an end- Day 1

Seven more sleeps till school starts! This mommy's trying to make the MOST of this very short week! So today we went to the park. It's a park right in town, but I keep avoiding it cause it's SO BIG! Can't avoid it any longer! (Actually we went looking for ducks to feed, but there weren't any so we ended up on the playground!)
Working on our balance...
Trying the monkey bars!
Working hard...
He did finally get these on his own!
Now here's the REAL monkey!Crazy boys! Fun times!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


October 26, 1924-July 23, 2011
I don't really know why, but I found myself missing my "Gramps" today! Since I lived about 1,000 miles away from him, I only got to see him once a year! Oh how I cherished those times. Just knowing there won't be any more phone calls, letters sent, pictures taken, trips "down town", trips to the "root beer" stand, trips to the "kwik trip", or just conversations on the couch makes me very sad!
I'm so looking forward to seeing him again one day. Losing someone you love so much only makes heaven that much more real!
" I love and miss you, Gramps!"