Monday, May 30, 2011


So, Spike was the FIRST one in AGAIN this year! And as you can see, he's THRILLED!!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I just had to smile a few times this weekend as I watched my boys with their daddy, especially Spike. Daddy had been gone to Mexico all week so when he got home, they didn't want to leave his side. Now while some mothers may think it's no big deal, I think it's very special. It was a very precious time for me. They were so happy doing whatever daddy did. I love that.
Here is Spike "helping" daddy change the oil in the van. He was so excited to watch it drain (this, I'll never understand! But I don't have to! Spike was so happy, that's what's important!) I sure hope he keeps wanting to learn all his daddy knows about cars and then some more! Keep it up, Dude!
Now when it comes to the guitar, I personally could think of better things, but we'll take it!
My boys have always loved when daddy gets out his guitar. In fact, Spike has been bugging me to let him play for graduation. HAHA! His teacher's doing her best to get him to settle for "playing" for his class one day!
So here's Slick, playing his "air guitar"! HAHA! This picture doesn't even begin to show the enthusiasm he has while playing.

And here's Spike with daddy again! (And yes, it's the same shirt he had on Saturday too! Daddy brought it back from Mexico! He took it off long enough to wash it!)

So, this mommy had a very Happy Mother's Day weekend! I couldn't be happier that, at least for right now, that they want to be JUST LIKE DADDY!

Thanks boys for making me a mommy! I love you, all THREE of you!