Monday, September 21, 2009

HMMM!!!! Not sure what that means!

While lying around this morning, Spike says to me, "You don't look like a mommy. You're too soft!"
Hmmmm...What does that mean? I'm not sure!!!! Just had to laugh!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Conversatioin between Spike and Slick!

Slick just came down with the book "Maybe you should fly a jet! Maybe you should be a vet!" He says to me, "Mommy, I want to see what I want to be next week when I grow up!" Slick come by to see what he wants to be. They open the book together and Slick says, "I think I'll be and elephant!!!!!!!!!!" HAHA! To which Spike replies, "No, that's a zoo keeper!"
AW! To precious! I love being a mommy to my boys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bedtime Prayers!

We've been trying to have Spike do some of the bedtime prayers lately. At first, it was "But mom, you know what we did today." I've been reminding him that he knew too. He usually says something like, "Dear Jesus, thank you that we played outside and I rode my bike! Amen." Typical BOY! Last night was a little different! Music to mommy's ears! "Dear Jesus, thank you that mommy mooches me alot all the time!" Awe, how precious! Of course, that led to a BIG hug and mooch from mommy! What a precious reminder from God that I need to continue to love on my boys!
Thank you God for Spike! I love you, buddy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Slick!

HAD to have a "Sally cake!" Sally from CARS that is!

Just a couple of the presents he got! EVERY ONE had WHEELS!!!!!

The birthday boy and the birthday girl! (aka...Gramma)

Take a good look at mommy's face on the left. I'll have you know that I didn't eat one bite after watching him blow out those candles! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!! But he LOVED it! So much fun this year. I think he's starting to understand what goes on!

Mommy and the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday, Baby! We love you LOTS and LOTS!! We're so thankful for you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So the boys were in the basement playing when I heard a burst of uncontrolable laughter! Here's what it was all about!

So look close at Spike's face in this picture. He's just laughing so hard!

Do you love how Slick puts his on upside down? Kind of hard to play the game!

AH! Much better!

The name of the game is "Ring around the Nosey!!!" The object is to try to get the rings on the nose WITH OUT using your hands. Spike's gotta practice a little more!


OOPS!!!!!!!!! Upside down again!

Even mommy got in on the FUN!!!!!!!

Sprinkler fun!

I took the boys to run through the sprinklers at the Promenade the yesterday! It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Perfect for some last minute summer fun! They had a blast!

This video was just too funny not to share!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slick's Birthday dinner!

Slick's 3rd Birthday is coming up next Monday. He's part of the birthday club at Red Robin so we took him for his free kid's meal last night! It also happened to be kid's night there so Red Robin herself was there! How lucky were we! Here are a few pictures!
Wish this picture wasn't blurry! It's a great one otherwise!

Free birthday sundea! YUM! YUM!

Birthday boy with Daddy!

Just being SILLY!!!

Great Job Red Robin! Thanks for a special memory!

First day of "school"

WOW! How big is he? When did that happen? K-4 already?

This is the first time for Slick to be in this type of setting. His little back pack was stuffed full! He kept jamming things in it that he "might need for school!" HAHA! It was so full that Henry didn't fit in it! Too funny! Oh to be entering K-2! Such a precious boy!