Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy, busy day!

Community Day in town brought some fun activities today. We went to the parade. That was exciting for the kids.
Spike, obviously enjoying the parade!

Take notice to Tuff's sunglasses here!

Now look at them. It was so hot, that they "sweated" right down his nose. They are resting on his lip! Didn't seem to bother him though, he just kept right on watching.

After the parade, we went home to swim for a while. Spike has been asking to swim since we closed the pool last fall. It was fun to get in there again and I'm planning to be in everyday from now until September. They both loved it and wanted to stay in! Of course, I didn't get pictures of that today, so we'll save that for another day!

After swimming for a while, we grabbed a bite to eat then went back to the Community Day to catch firework show! Ben and I enjoyed it, but the is how Spike spent the evening!That is until he fell FAST ASLEEP! Snoring even!

Tuff was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy them!

Over all, a FUN day for all!