Friday, June 7, 2013

Field Trip Friday 1

So, the first Friday of Summer Vacation brought RAIN, LOTS of rain.  So for our first field trip, we had to stay indoors for sure. 
Can't forget the umbrellas!

First stop, the library!  We needed to get new cards our "new" library!  That took a while for 2 little boys anxious to check out the new place. 
This little guy said to me, "Mom, I'm just having so much fun reading these books!" 
Spike read to us all about "Big Rigs" the whole way to have lunch with Daddy.  We actually DID learn something.  Did you know that the size of a semi-truck's steering wheel is bigger than an extra large pizza?  Yep, it sure is!
 Lunch with daddy was the highlight!
 Yep, still raining, but that didn't stop us!  What a GREAT first day!  Let's keep it up, boys!

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